Trailer for: O'Loclainn's Whiskey Bar - Ballyvaughan, Ireland

As the wind meanders up the western coast of Ireland and across the bridge to Achill Island at West Mayo, all it’s fury is gone, able only to drift softly up the main road. On that road, McLoughlin’s Bar, a generations-old traditional Irish pub, welcomes patrons in with the breeze.

Episode 1:

O'Loclainn's Irish Whiskey Bar - Ballyvaughan

Trailer for: McLoughlin's Bar - Achill Island, Ireland

In an age where technology and the pace of life have diminished interpersonal communication, a pub like this is a true gem. That such casual intimacy exists in such a place as Ballyvaughan is no surprise. That it exists in O’Loclainn’s is part of the tradition of an Irish pub, and designed into the fabric of the bar.

Episode 2:

McLoughlin's Bar - Achill Island

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Trailer for: Ma Murphy's Bar - Bantry, Ireland

Episode 3:

Ma Murphy's Bar - Bantry

Ma Murphy's Bar is a fourth-generation family owned pub in Bantry, and also the home to Leonard family for the past 35 years. It's a place for great conversation, thrilling music sessions and a good bit of craic!