In an age where technology and lifestyles have diminished interpersonal communication, the rural Irish pub stands as a welcoming beacon to gather patrons for conversation and music around the hardwood of a hundred-year-old bar.

 “A Proper Pint” is a film series that celebrates the generational nature of publicans, and the integral bond

"It captures the spirit of Ireland, and the culture of the pubs. It is     
intimate, heart warming, and interesting. By the time you're watched it, you feel like you already have friends there!"         - J. Hagens

Trad session at O'Loclainn's

Josie McLoughlin

McLoughlan's Bar

Margaret O'Loclainn

O'Loclainn's Whiskey Bar

of the Irish pub to the community around it. The distinctive personality of the rural communities and surrounding areas is highlighted in each film, along with the singular individuals who inhabit them.

 Irish ethnicity, local lore, geographical peculiarities, trad music and more is explored in such a way that the viewer will feel they’ve already been welcomed in to the pub, heard a song on the Irish pipes, and are sipping their first blessed pint of Guinness.

"The film is beautifully shot, with many coastal vistas celebrating the unique features of that part of the Irish coast. But the best part is its portrayal of the culture role of the pub in the life of the village and the surrounding countryside. Not only did it make you want to go to Ireland, it made you wish for a pub like that in your own community."      - M. Millea

" The best film about t he real, vanishing IrishPub I have ever seen."

- Michael Lange, Mad Gael Productions

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